01. Setting up a PayPal Integration

Updated: 02/08/2019
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You can now link a PayPal payment gateway to your StoreFeeder account allowing you to process payments through PayPal on the 'MOTO Order page' and the 'EPOS Order page'.

This payment gateway DOES NOT allow you to process returns in StoreFeeder, only payment for orders on the 'MOTO order page'. Returns through PayPal will have to be processed outside of StoreFeeder.

Before you continue with your PayPal setup, please ensure that your PayPal account is a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account.


First, you need to go to log into your PayPal account here:

The page should look like below

And once logged in you need to go to Profile and Settings which can be found in the top right under 'Profile' as below:


From here you just need to get your Merchant Account ID which can be found as below:


If you have not already done so, you will need to create a PayPal Payment Gateway integration. To do this log into StoreFeeder and first click 'Settings' in the top right corner of the page and then click the green 'New Integration' on the top right of the 'Integration Manager' page.

Now select 'Payment Gateway' as the integration type.

Then select 'PayPal' as the channel.

Finally, enter your 'Profile Name' and click the 'Add Integration' button.

You will now see the 'PayPal - Integration Details' page. First you will need to set the 'Active' switch to ON and select the 'Company Identity' you wish to use this gateway with.

In the 'PayPal Settings' section paste the 'Merchant Account ID' you got from your PayPal settings into the corresponding box. Finally set the 'Gateway Mode' to LIVE and click the 'Save' button.


You have successfully added a PayPal payment gateway to your StoreFeeder account.



As of 06/02/2019, StoreFeeder now provides the ability to refund PayPal transactions that are made on the 6th onwards. (Any transactions made before this date will have to be refunded through PayPal)


In order to refund PayPal transactions through StoreFeeder, you must have PayPal Pro activated on your account. Find out more about PayPal Pro here.



If you already have a PayPal Pro account, creating/getting your REST API details is extremely easy, please follow the steps below; Firstly, you will need to log into the PayPal Developer Portal, your login credentials are exactly the same as those that you use to log into PayPal. The page should look like below;


After logging into the PayPal Developer Portal, you will need to either create or view your REST App. To do this, first locate the Dashboard tab on the left, then click into My Apps & Credentials (as shown in the image below). When you have done this, either select your already created REST App (If you already have one) or Click "Create App"


If you have already created a REST App, you can skip this step and move onto the next. For those who need to create an app, enter in the name of your app, this can be anything you want (this could be, for example, "StoreFeeder"). After you have thought of a name, click Create App.




After you have created your app, you should now be presented with a new page which provides you with the information you need to enter into StoreFeeder. On that page you should see your ClientID, which needs to be entered into StoreFeeder and your security key (Click on show just under security), this also needs to be entered into StoreFeeder(For security reasons, we have removed the information from the image below so your version may look a lot different). Before you leave this page, to make your refunds affect your live account, make sure to click on the live button shown in the image below at the top right.


After collecting this information, enter it into your StoreFeeder PayPal Integration, press Save, and then test the connection. If the connection is tested successfully, you should now be able to refund PayPal transactions on StoreFeeder.


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