01. How to Integrate with WooCommerce

Updated: 12/27/2018
Article #: 144

How to Integrate with WooCommerce


This page will help you integrate WooCommerce webstores with StoreFeeder  


Our WooCommerce integration enables you to:

  • Download your WooCommerce Orders
  • Mark orders as despatched on WooCommerce and notify customers
  • Update and synchronise your WooCommerce inventory from StoreFeeder
  • Import any listing created on WooCommerce to StoreFeeder
  • Upload any listing created in StoreFeeder to WooCommerce


If you find that you're struggling to understand some of the terminology used, check out the StoreFeeder Terminology Knowledge Base by clicking here.


Integrating StoreFeeder with your WooCommerce marketplace is a simple process. Just follow the instructions below and you should be up and running in no time.


Step by Step Guide

Step 1.

First, sign into StoreFeeder using your login details. You will then be brought to the 'Dashboard' and will see a yellow bar at the top of the page indicating that you have sales channels that have not been tested. To begin the integration, click on the link in the yellow bar.

If this yellow bar doesn't appear on your dashboard then look to the top right of the page for "Settings" then click "Your Integrations".



Step 2.

You will now see the 'Integration Manager' page and a list of all of your channels.

To integrate your WooCommerce channel, look for 'Existing Webstore Integrations' and then click on 'Edit/View Integration'.

If WooCommerce does not already appear on this list then you will need to set up a new integration for it; you can do this by scrolling to the top right of the Integration Manager page and clicking the green button marked "+ New Integration".


Step 3.

If you are creating a new integration you will then be greeted by the following screens where you will need to pick the circled options. 

If you are editing an already existing integration, you can skip this step.


You will then be asked to input a name for the integration and if you wish to extend permissions to all users on your account. Once you have finished, click the '+Add Integration' to proceed.

You will now see the 'Integration Details' page for this channel. In the 'Integration Profile Section' you can edit your Profile Name, select a Company Identity and set the channel’s Active status.

StoreFeeder has pre-set the majority of these settings on this page. This is because the integration will default to the 'TEST' mode within StoreFeeder when it is created, allowing for the connection to be easily checked. Leave these settings as they are until you are ready to go live.


Step 4.

To connect to your WooCommerce marketplace, please enter the shop URL and click on 'Connect account' button.

You will be redirected to your WooCommerce installation to give StoreFeeder access to your store.

If you are not logged in already to WordPress in another tab you will see the following screen:

Please enter your WordPress user credentials and press 'Login' button to move forward. On the next page you will see a list of permissions that allow the integration to work correctly.

Click on 'Approve' button to complete connection. You will now be redirected back to StoreFeeder.


Step 5.

Scroll down the page to view 'WooCommerce Settings' section. The default weight unit used for exporting and importing product is kg. If you are using a different weight unit in your WooCommerce installation, please adjust the value in the drop-down menu. If the units are not matched the weights in both systems will have incorrect values.

Once all this information has been added, click the 'Test Connection' button to check that the channel can connect successfully, the screen should then look something like this:

Once the channel can connect, click the 'Save' button to complete the integration.


Congratulations! Your WooCommerce account and your StoreFeeder account are now integrated.

For information on the 'Channel Settings' found at the bottom of your WooCommerce integration page, please see knowledgebases found here for further details.


Sale price

If you are using a feature to offer products with discounted price at certain dates, you must ensure that the local time for StoreFeeder and WooCommerce match. Otherwise you might end up with sales starting and ending a day earlier.

To see a local time in StoreFeeder, please go to 'Settings' > 'Misc' > 'Regional Settings'.