07. How to Pre-despatch your Orders

Updated: 11/28/2018
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Please note that only orders in status 'Pending (Waiting All Stock)' or 'Pending (Waiting Part Stock) can be pre-despatched. When you pre-despatch your orders in StoreFeeder, the orders will be updated and marked as despatched in channel.

Not available for Tesco Click & Collect

Pre-despatched orders will not appear on the 'Manifest' page until they have been marked as despatched.


There are 2 ways to predesatch orders in Storefeeder this knowledge base will first show you how to predespatch your orders and then how to work with the predespatched order status.


1: Pre-despatching on an order by order basis

To select the order(s) you would like to mark as Pre-despatched, first navigate to the Orders Overview page by clicking ('Orders'>'Manage Orders').

Select the order in a Pending status from the list:

From the drop down box, choose 'Pre-Despatch Orders' and click 'Confirm':

You will receive confirmation, and the order status will change.


2: Predespatching by Pickwave

Once you have made a pickwaveyou can opt to predespatch the entire pickwave in one go from the edit pickwave screen. 

If you've never used this page you just need to go to Warehouse -> Picking in Storefeeder then click on the pickwave ID of the pickwave you would like to Pre despatch.

At the top of the page you will see the below:

Under Pre-Despatch Actions, there is an option to Pre-Despatch the pickwave and this will mark all orders in the pickwave as pre-despatched.


There are three Pre-despatch statuses.

'Pre-despatched Awaiting Stock': The required stock will need to be added to the order in order to despatch it

'Pre-despatched Awaiting Shipment': The order does not need adjusting, and be despatched as soon as you are ready

For orders in status 'Pre-despatched Awaiting Stock' status, once your late stock has arrived, you can apply it to the order in several ways:

1: Edit inventory

From the 'Orders Overview' page, click the Order number, or hover your mouse pointer over the order number and click 'Edit' to open the Edit Order page.

Scroll down the page to view the Items Ordered section:

Here we can see that Product B is out of stock, preventing the order from being despatched. Click the product SKU to enter the Product Information page. From here you can alter the inventory for that product by increasing the value in the Inventory field as shown:

Now on the 'Items Ordered' section of the individual order, you can update the out of stock order line by clicking the 'Update' button:

Provided there is now sufficient stock for the order, The 'Quality Allocated' column will change, and the Item line status will change from 'Out of Stock' to 'Allocated'.

Your order status will change to 'Pre-despatched - Ready for Shipment', and you can now despatch the order as usual.


2: Perform a Bulk Inventory Update

You can update your inventory levels by uploading a spreadsheet of product data into StoreFeeder.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: How to adjust inventory levels in StoreFeeder


3: Raise a Purchase Order (PO)

Alternatively, you can create a Purchase Order (PO) for the out of stock products in the pre-despatched order.

For more information on how to raise a PO, see this guide: Creating a Purchase Order in StoreFeeder

As soon as your expected delivery has arrived, you will need to book in your delivery. To do so, Navigate to ('Warehouse'>'Deliveries'), and select the Purchase Order you would like to book in. 

If you wish for your Pre-despatched orders to be added automatically into a pickwave ready for picking, you will need to click the Purchase Order ID as circled above to go to the 'Book Delivery' page. Switch on the 'Add Released Orders Onto a Pickwave' option, and designate your picker as shown:

After picking, you can now mark the order as 'despatched' to complete the process. 


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