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Updated: 12/28/2018
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Amazon allows you to activate a feature called Amazon Business on your seller account. This means you are able to offer business buyers competitive B2B prices and discounts. StoreFeeder supports setting business prices against your listings. Adding a business price can increase your chance of a sale.


Supported stores


Amazon Business is available for Amazon UK UK, DE DE and FR FR - you will find the settings on the corresponding channel types in StoreFeeder.


Business Price


Setting a business price means that a business customer browsing Amazon will see that you offer products for business customers at a discounted price. 


At the time of writing StoreFeeder doen not support Business only pricing so it must be a product that you also sell to normal customers.  This may be added in the future.



A business price must be at least £1.01 / €1.01. Amazon doesn't allow any price below or equal to 1.00.


Quantity Discounts


Once a business price is set, it is possible to offer up to 5 different discount tiers. For instance, if a business price for a single item is £9.99 but if you buy at least 5 pieces, you will pay £9.59 for each.

  • Business price after discount (regardless of type) must still be more than £1.00 / €1.00.


Only business buyers see your business price and quantity discounts, like this:


Percent discount

  • At least one discount tier (threshold + percent) is required. Up to 5 tiers.
  • Quantity thresholds must be created in increasing order.
  • Percent discounts must be created in increasing order (the higher the percent, the lower the price).

Fixed discount

  • At least one discount tier (threshold + discount price) is required. Up to 5 tiers.
  • Quantity thresholds must be created in increasing order.
  • Discount prices must be created in decreasing order.


Enabling Amazon Business in StoreFeeder


Once Amazon Business is available for channel's Amazon Store, a new section on channel settings page is shown.



Important Notice!


Turning on 'Amazon Business' can impact the next run of your Product Download. This is because StoreFeeder needs to import business prices for your existing listings. During this process it will prevent updating prices you might have already set on Amazon. You will not be able to change any business prices via StoreFeeder untile the download has completed. Depending on the number of listings you have, this may take up to a few hours.


Switching this option off will cancel the update of existing listings that have not already been updated. Having this option on will enable you to also activate the VAT Calculation Service.


Once the option is enabled we need check if there are any listings on your channel that will require an update of business prices and quanity discounts. If there are, you will see information just below the Amazon Business toggle.

After the operation is complete, StoreFeeder will take over the business princing on channel, just like with other listings details. This means that if any changes are made to business prices on channel they will likely be overwritten on the next StoreFeeder update.




Orders that come in from a business customer are distinguishable from standard orders by way of a different image pictured below.


You can also filter the results by including or excluding Amazon Business orders.


Listing page


After Amazon Business has been enabled on a channel, a new section on the Amazon listing page is shown.


If you want to use a business price, you need to specifically enable it. If the option is switched off the StoreFeeder would overwrite any existing business princing with blank data and remove the option from channel.

The flow of setting a business price with quantity discounts is similar as the one on Amazon. The conditions for valid prices are the same.


Percent discount


Fixed discount


Import Listings


You can set the business price data for your listings in advance even if Amazon Business is disabled/not available yet.  This is acheiveable using the listing import\export feature in storefeeder.


Export Listings

For Amazon UK UK, DE DEand FR FR channels it is possible to export business price and quantity discounts data. For other Amazon stores, the fields are not visible. If Amazon Business is available on the store but disabled on the channel, the fields will be disabled as well.


Listing Import Export








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