08. VAT Calculation Service

Updated: 07/04/2019
Article #: 259

What's this Guide For?

If you are enrolled in the Amazon VCS program then we can generate and upload invoices & credit notes for your shipments.

In order to set this up there are two main steps to follow.

Step 1.

The first thing you'll need to do is make Amazon aware that you are going to be letting StoreFeeder create VAT invoices for you.

If you head on over to your Amazon Seller Central account, log in and go to Settings > Tax Settings > Activate VAT Calculation you'll be presented with the option "I will upload my own VAT invoices".

By selecting the second option you will be expected to upload your own invoices or, in this case, hand it over to StoreFeeder.

Step 2.

Back over on StoreFeeder, for eligible Amazon channels, connected to the certain marketplaces (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES) you will be able to enable Amazon VCS in the settings.

After enabling the VAT Calculation Service you are able to select the source of invoices and activation date. These are the same settings as shown above in Step 1. We recommend that the date matches the one set on Amazon site.

The documents are generated for channels that have the source set to “StoreFeeder” with the activation date from the past (or today).

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