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Creating Variant Products using Simple Products
Posted by Jared Meakin on 08 Jul 2013 14:01

Last Modified by Kane Landa on 04 May 2018 16:02

Can I Create a Variant Product from a Simple Product?

Every single variation listing must have a product made that acts as the container product. This master product acts as the holder for all of the individual simple products that make up the variation listing.

You can not create these holder products from your simple products. However, creating one is a quick and easy process. After creating the variation product, you can then add your original simple products to it to create your variation listing. This article will show you how to go about this.

Creating Variant Products using Simple Products

StoreFeeder now has a feature that allows you to create variant products that are made up of several pre-existing simple products.

To begin with, create your variant product in the normal way by going to:
'Products > Manage Products > + New Product'.

Enter 'Product Name' and 'Product SKU' and set the 'Product Type' to 'Variation'. Select the 'Attribute Set' to differentiate your child products and the 'Default Value'. Click 'Create' to create the product.

On the 'General' tab, you should see a list of the child products underneath the header 'Product Variants'. Under this list, you can add pre-existing child products to the variant.

A more detailed look at creating variant products can be found here.

To do this, select 'Add Existing Product' and enter the 'Product SKU' of the desired child product into the pop up that appears. Select '+ Add Existing Product' to add the simple product to the variant.

Back on the 'General' tab for the product, each variant has two options:
- Unlink. This removes the child product from the variant without deleting the original child product.
- Delete. This removes the child product and deletes it all together.

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