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Exporting your eBay listing template from Frooition
Posted by on 18 Oct 2012 15:36

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 26 Jan 2017 15:22

If you have chosen to have an eBay listing template designed by Frooition you can export this from their software in a 'StoreFeeder ready' format using the following steps.

From your Frooition account navigate to 'eBay > Listings', on this screen select the 'Create New' button.

eBay listing template

You'll then be shown the screen below where you can create a 'Tag Based Template'. Select 'StoreFeeder' as the Listing Tool option.

eBay listing template

The following screen will show the template complete with our 'Tags' which we use to pre-fill your template details. You can just click 'Continue' on this screen.

eBay listing template

You will then be shown a preview of your template. Select 'Get Code' at the end of this page.

eBay listing template

A new window will appear with the HTML code you will need to upload into StoreFeeder. Highlight this code and paste it into a Notepad file.

eBay listing template

Now that you have saved the HTML code as a Notepad file, you are now ready to upload it to StoreFeeder. 

To upload the template, go to StoreFeeder and access the settings (do this by clicking 'Settings' (this is located in the top right corner)).

When the settings page loads you should be presented with the 'Your Integrations' page automatically. If you are not on this page you can simply get there by clicking the 'Your Integrations' tab which is on the menu that is on the left hand side.

From the list of integrations, select the integration that you would like to apply the template to and click the 'Edit/View Integration' option at the end of the selected integration.

Once this has been done you will then need to select 'Ebay Listing Templates' from the menu on the left and then click the '+ New listing Template' button (This is the green button that can be found at the top of screen).

After following the above steps you will be presented with a template details window (Please see the image below).

On this screen all you need to do is upload the file you saved earlier, give it an appropriate name and click the '+ Add Template' button. 

Once you have done this you will have uploaded the template to StoreFeeder.

Now to actually use the template you will need to navigate to the products page (Click the 'Products' tab (this is located on the menu bar on the left hand side)).

From here, select the product you would like to apply the listing template to and click 'Listings' (this is located on the menu on the left hand side).

From here, there are two ways you can go:

1. Is to edit an existing listing. (Do this by clicking on the listing you want to edit).

2. Is to create a listing. (Do this by clicking the '+ New Listing' button (this is the green button on the right side of the screen) and follow the steps).

Both routes take you to this screen:

Once you are at this screen, scroll down to the 'Description' section of the page. Here you will see that there is a drop down menu under the text box (this has been circled in red on the image below). Click the drop down menu and you should see the file that you imported into StoreFeeder will be on the list. To use it, all you need to do is click on it and 'Save/Upload'.



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