How to link to an Amazon Third Party Listing
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 06 Nov 2013 11:57

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The Match & List feature allows you to search for an existing item in the Amazon catalogue and add a new offer for the product. If the product you're selling already exists in the Amazon catalogue, then you will want to be using this feature to list against the existing listing as opposed to uploading a new product.

The main option to denote whether a listing is a match & list is the 'Third Party Listing' option found at the top of the general tab. However we split the third party listing concept into two, basic third party listings and advanced third party listings. The basic third party listing denotes all listings where we have only sent ASIN /EAN, SKU, price and inventory information over to Amazon to allow the listing to be live, this process allows for listings to be uploaded without any attribute information but doesn't gain any of the benefits you get with an advanced third party listing. The advanced third party listing denotes all listings which have followed the new upload process, which may require attribute information but does mean that you are able to take over the listing if the original seller stops selling the product for any reason and that we can send up the relationship information for a variation listing correctly.


To list a product on Amazon using the 'Third Party Listing' feature (or match and list), go to the 'Listings' tab inside the product you wish to list. Then click on the green 'New Listing' button as circled below.

You will now need to select the channel you want to list to. Click on your 'Amazon' channel.

You now have the option of choosing whether you want to use the match and list feature or to create a new listing from scratch. This knowledgebase is detailing how to match and list, so enter the Product Name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN into search bar and click the 'Search' button.

Currently by default we will upload a listing as an advanced third party listing if we can access the correct information from Amazon. If not then we will upload as a basic third party listing. On the listings page if we cannot load the listing details from Amazon a warning banner will appear at the top of the general tab allowing you to click on a link and manually fill out the information to turn the listing in an advanced third party listing, however please be warned that if any of the required information for the listing does not match, the listing will fail to upload.


All of the products in Amazon's catalogue that match your search criteria will be shown. Click 'Select' next to the third party listing that matches the product you want to list to get the listings information.

You will now see the Amazon general listing page for your listing. The 'Third Party Listing' setting will be set to yes and the 'ASIN', 'Description' and 'Brand' fields will be pre-filled with information from the Amazon catalogue. 

You will just need select a 'Condition' and add any 'Condition Notes' about the product as well as a 'Max Inventory', an 'Oversell', an 'Out Of Stock Threshold' and your 'Handling Time' if applicable.

If you are linking to multiple third party listings on a single product, then each different product (including variations) needs to have a DIFFERENT SKU.

Set any repricer information you want on the listing and when this is completed, click the 'Save & Upload' button to send the listing to the channel.

You will now see your listing on Amazon appearing on the third party listing.

Please be aware that no other aspects of the listing is editable. You are simply adding your ability to sell to another sellers listing on Amazon.

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