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Posted by Jack Liptrott on 26 Nov 2013 17:17

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If you are selling unique products on Amazon, then you will want to create the listing from scratch yourself. To list a product on Amazon using the feature (or match and list), go to the 'Listings' tab inside the product you wish to list. Then click on the green 'New Listing' button as circled below.

Select 'Amazon' as the channel you want to add a listing to...

...and then click the 'Create a New Product' button.

You will now see the listings 'General' information page. Here you will need to add all of the basic information about your product. First, ensure that the 'Third Party Listing' button is set to 'No'. Now select the 'Category/Product Type' from the drop down menu and set the name for your product.

The 'Name' and listing 'SKU' will be taken from the product information. You will not need to change the SKU.

The 'ASIN' number will be created on upload to Amazon, so there will no need to enter anything into this field. However, you will need to add a valid 'Barcode (EAN)' number as Amazon requires this for upload.

If you have added a list of EANs to StoreFeeder using the bar code manager tool, then just click the 'Autofill' button. For more information on adding barcodes to StoreFeeder see this knowledgebase. Barcodes can be purchased from

Next, enter the product's 'Brand', 'Manufacturer' and select if the product is 'Fullfiled By Amazon'.

Select the 'Condition' and add any 'Condition Notes' as well as 'Max Inventory', an 'Oversell', an 'Out Of Stock Threshold' and your 'Handling Time' if applicable.

Max Inventory: This field allows you to determine the maximum inventory that the listing will show, regardless of what inventory you have for the product in StoreFeeder. For example, if you set the Max Inventory to 5, but have 10 in StoreFeeder, the listing will always show 5 even when one is sold. Once your inventory in StoreFeeder goes below the specified Max Inventory, the true inventory will be shown on the listing.

Oversell: Using this feature, you can list more inventory than you have of a product in StoreFeeder. For example, if you have a reliable supplier and know you can get the stock quickly, you can enter a value that will keep the listing live past what inventory you have on the product in StoreFeeder. Additionally, this feature can be used to keep a listing live when you are out of stock on the product without letting the listing appear out of stock on channel.

Out Of Stock Threshold: This setting will end a listing when the inventory in StoreFeeder reaches the value entered into this box, even though you have remaining stock on the product. This feature is useful if you need to keep a certain amount of stock on a product at all times, for example if you are also running a physical shop location and need stock kept to one side for that.

Remove Existing Images: If this setting is On, only images that are enabled on the listing in StoreFeeder will be visible on the product in Amazon. Turning this setting off may cause old or disabled images to remain visible on your Amazon listings.

Set how your 'Inventory Information' is calculated and any 'Repricer Information' you want on the listing and when this is completed.

Now click on the 'Additional Information' tab on the left of the screen.

Here you set the information that will help buyers find your listings as well as adding some more in depth information to the listing itself.

You can set two 'Browse Nodes' that will determine where your product can be found on the Amazon site. Make these as accurate as possible.

Now add 'Bullet Points' to your listing to, again, provide more information for the buyer.

'Search Terms' can be added to help people find your product.

Finally, fill out any other information that may be pertinent to your listing.

Click on the 'Attributes' tab on the left of the screen and add any 'Product Attributes' that may apply to your products.

Not all of these will be relevant to your product, so enter information you need to. If the field is left blank or 'unspecified' is selected, nothing will be uploaded to channel.

Once you are happy with the listing information, click the 'Save & Upload' button to send the listing to channel. It can take half an hour for Amazon to process and create the listing.

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