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Creating a UKMail Integration
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 06 May 2014 10:11

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 04 May 2017 13:46

Integrating with UKMail through StoreFeeder is a simple process.

First, on the settings page, click the green 'New Integration' button. Then from the 'New Integration' window, click on the 'Courier' icon.

Then from the list of couriers, click on the 'UKMail' integration.

Now give the integration a name (it will have UKMail by default) and then click on the 'Add Integration' button.

You will now see the 'Integration Details' page for UKMail. Enter the username and password you use to access your UKMail iConsign account online into the 'API Username' and 'API Password' fields respectively.

Pre-delivery Notifications:

below the API Username and Password fields, are the fields for pre-delivery notifications:

In these fields you can input the methods by which your customers recieve the notifications of when their deliveries will arrive.

Currently, the two available options are 'SMS' or 'Email'.


UK Mail only sends out one or no types of notification, and never both. Whichever option you add in the 'Primary Predelivery Notification Type' field will be used as a default.

The option in the 'Secondary Predelivery Notification Type' field will be used only if you have no data of the first type stored for your customer.

Alternatively, if you do not wish for UK Mail to provide predelivery notifications, you can leave these two fields blank:

Click the 'Save' button to complete the integration.

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