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How to install the StoreFeeder Magento API
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 13 May 2014 10:09

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 27 Jan 2017 15:48

StoreFeeder does not currently support Magento version 2.0. Versions up to and including Magneto 1.9. are fully supported via the API.

This guide will assist you with installing the new StoreFeeder Magento API and removing the Netzkollektiv Magento Plugin. For the StoreFeeder installation click HERE.

1) If you have the Netzkollektiv Magento plugin installed, you will need to remove it. If it is not removed, it will conflict with the new StoreFeeder API. If you do not have that plugin installed, skip to step 4.

2) To remove the Netzkollektiv plugin, login in to your webserver via FTP and navigate to your magento directory. In this example our magento store is located in /var/www/magento_demo/. You will find the Netzkollektiv in the /var/www/magento_demo/app/code/local/Netzkollektiv. Remove this directory.

3) The next file that needs deleting is within /var/www/magento_demo/app/etc/modules as shown below.

Once this file is deleted, Netzkollektiv will have been successfully removed from your Magento installation.

4) You can download the Storefeeder Magento API from the StoreFeeder Magento Integration page using the link highlighted in the image below.

Once you have downloaded it extract it to a directory on your computer.

5) You will now need to login in to your webserver via FTP, using FileZilla or a similar application. Once logged in, you need to navigate to the directory /var/www/magento_demo/app/code/community/. Replace /var/www/magento_demo/ with your own website location.

6) Now on your local machine you will need to find the directory \Storefeeder_SfApi\app\code\community\Storefeeder from the extracted API file. The whole StoreFeeder directory needs to then be uploaded to the community folder on your web service.

7) Now you need to navigate locally to \Storefeeder_SfApi\app\etc\modules\ and locate the file named “Storefeeder_SfApi.xml” which needs to be uploaded to /var/www/magento_demo/app/etc/modules.

8) The installation is now complete and you have successfully installed the StoreFeeder Magento API.Now that the API is installed, you will need to log into your Magento account and flush magento cache (system>cache management>flush magento cache).


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