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How to use the StoreFeeder Grid Interface
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 05 Aug 2014 10:50

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 27 Jan 2017 16:06

The StoreFeeder Grid Interface can be used to more efficiently view and filter your data on the Listings, Orders, Products, Customers and Picking Overview page.

Using the StoreFeeder Grid Filters

The filters on the StoreFeeder Grid allow you to sort your data

Multi-Filter Grid

Date Selection Grid

Single Channel Section Grid

Numeric Filter Grid

Changing your selected fields and headers

You can add and remove headers from the columns on all pages using this grid. To do this simply click on the 'Tools' icon as shown below.

Now just click on the tick boxes next to the header names to add or remove them from the page.

Greyed out fields are required for the page and cannot be removed from the grid.

Using the wildcard filter to sort your data

The way you can filter your data within StoreFeeder has been improved dramatically.

Filtering within the grid uses wildcard filtering, where the wildcard (*) means 'zero or more characters'. This style of filtering means that you now need to be explicit in the use of wildcards.

This style of filtering is more flexible and can offer better performance when you're searching for something more specific.


  • To find an EXACT match for 'John Smith', filter using 'John Smith'.
  • To find any match CONTAINING 'John', filter using '*John*'.
  • To find a match STARTING with 'J' and ENDING with 'Smith', filter using 'J*Smith'.
  • To find a match with the words 'John' and 'Smith' ANYWHERE within it, filter using '*John*Smith*'.
Filtering is still always case-insensitive.
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