Exporting Orders
Posted by Jared Meakin on 01 Sep 2014 14:19

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Exporting orders is a feature provided by StoreFeeder that allows you to obtain an excel file of your orders which can be useful for many reasons. To use this feature follow the instructions below:


1. Place your mouse over the orders tab (this is located on the left hand side in the dark blue navigation bar) and select 'Manage Orders' 

 Manage Orders

2. Once you have selected 'Manage Orders' you will be presented with an overview of orders. From here you simply use the filters (these are located above the orders (Order ID, Channel etc )) to find the orders you wish to export.  If you are exporting all orders simply leave the filtering blank.

 Your Orders

3. Now that you have the orders you would like to export, you will need to select them by clicking the check/tick box which is just on the left hand side of the orders. If you wish to export all orders then you can use the 'Select all pages'

In order to use this option you will need to select the master check/tick box (This is found on the left hand side above all the other check/tick boxes) this option saves you from going through each and every individual page and ticking every order you would like to export.

 Selecting Orders

4. Now that the orders that you would like to export have been selected, you need to go to the drop down menu (this is found on the left hand side of the screen just below the title of the page ('Orders')), from the drop down menu select 'Export Order Information', then click confirm.

 Export Orders



















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