Using StoreFeeder as an EPOS
Posted by Jared Meakin on 11 Sep 2014 15:04

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 26 Sep 2017 11:03

StoreFeeder has developed an entirely new EPOS orders system, integrated so clients can use StoreFeeder as an EPOS. The page is designed to work with all hand held scanners, and will recognise a products  SKU, EAN, UPC or ISBN code.

EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) orders can be used in a similar way to a till system, where the emphasis is on speed and ease of use. The page is based around the current Moto Order page, so the layout will be familiar to most users straight away.

To start using this features please follow the instructions below:

EPOS order entry can be found on the orders tab.

When clicked you will be presented with the main EPOS order page (Please see below image). 

The large box in the middle of the page (within the red circle below) is used for scanning a product. Your cursor will automatically be loaded to the box when the page is loaded, so you do not need to use the mouse.


Once the product is scanned the page will automatically add the product to the order.  Scanning secondary products to the order will add to and update the totals.

If you do not have a hand held scanner, then there is the usual product search feature, similar to the MOTO order screen. 

Note: The search is hidden by default to make sure it does not interfere with the usability of the page.

To show the search, just click the green Product Search button.




This will load a grid and give you the opportunity to search for and add products as required.

Note: by default the page loads with your accounts default settings, this includes phone order channel and warehouse Information.

These settings can be changed and altered within the settings section of StoreFeeder. If you simply click settings (in the top right corner) and then from the menu on the left hand side select the field you would like to change or alter, which in this case is going to be warehouses (your warehouses) and integration manager (your integrations).

The option to choose which phone channel is your default is displayed on the phone integration page.  Click on Integration Manager and Your Integrations and scroll down to the existing Internal Integrations section which contains your phone channels.




This will amend the channel for each time the EPOS page is loaded.

Both of these bits of information can also be changed on a per order basis.  To access the General Information, which is again hidden by default, you will need to click the show general information button.


This will load all of the information and give you the opportunity to amend the channel and warehouse information for this specific order. Once you have added products to an order, the payment options will appear at the bottom of the screen, in the same fashion as the current MOTO screen does. 


To complete an order fill out the payment information as normal and then click save and print.  This will save all order information and redirect you to the edit order screen, where by default an invoice reciept will be printed out for the order.



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