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Posted by Jared Meakin on 18 Sep 2014 14:16

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Within StoreFeeder's settings there is an option which reads 'Company' (this is located on the left hand side of the menu within the settings page).

When clicked you are presented with two options these are:

1. Company Identities - A company identity is applied to your integration, and is what people will know you as when selling products, it is also what will appear on your invoices. Here is where you are able to create, manage and edit multiple company identities.

Creating a new company identity on StoreFeeder is a simple process.

First click on 'Settings' in the top right hand corner of the screen.


You will then be presented with the 'Integration Manager', click on the 'Company' tab to the left and then click on 'Company Identities'.

 Click the green '+ New Company Identity' button to create an identity.


 Fill out the details required and uploaded a company logo using 'Select File...' button. Click 'Save' once all details for the identity have been entered.

When you have made your company identity it can be edited or viewed by going to company or the company identities option (same as creating an company identity), which will show a list of your company identities select the one you would like and click 'Edit/View Company Identity' (this is in the right column next to the company name).  

Note:When applying a company identity to a integration you can only apply one so if you are wanting to sell on one channel with multiple company identities then you will need to create separate integrations for that channel and apply the company identity to it.

2. Users - Under this section is where you can add people who will be frequently using the account as a user. Here is also where you can set specific permissions to certain users, this will allow the user to see only what you want them and allow them to see.    

Under the company tab click 'Users'. You will be presented with a list of existing users if some already exist.


To add a new user, click the green button named '+ New User'.

When clicking this button you will be brought to a screen called 'Basic Settings' (Please see below image), here you will be asked to type in an email address, confirm that email address and enter the name of the person whose account it will be. Click 'Save' once all the details have been filled out.


Once you have entered the following information and have clicked save you will then need to log in to the email that was entered into the users 'Basic Settings' and access the email sent by StoreFeeder. Upon opening the email you will find that you will need to give the users account a password. After following the instructions provided on the email you will have successfully created a new user for this company.

Now that you have created a new user for the company you can start to give them permissions. Within StoreFeeder permissions are what a user is allowed to have access to and you as an administrator have full control over this. To assign and change a users permissions you need to go to the users page and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a section labelled 'Existing Users' (This has be circled on the image below), in this section you will have an overview of all the users on this company at the end of each users details you will find a 'Edit/View User' option this is what you will need to click on. 


 Next you will see a list of settings on the left hand side. 


 If you navigate into each setting, you will be able to change the permissions for the account. For more information of setting user permissions then see this knowledgebase.





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