How to Integrate with Rakuten
Posted by Jared Meakin on 17 Oct 2014 14:03

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 27 Jan 2017 15:53

Our Rakuten integration enables you to:

  • Download your Rakuten Orders
  • Mark orders as despatched on Rakuten and notify customers
  • Update and synchronise your Rakuten inventory from StoreFeeder
  • Import any listing created on Rakuten into StoreFeeder
  • Create product listings on Rakuten
Currently, there is no way to list directly from StoreFeeder to Rakuten in bulk. However, Rakuten allows you to upload products in bulk via CSV. This feature can be found on your Rakuten account at the following address: Any listings created using this method can be downloaded into StoreFeeder and then mapped.

 To add a Rakuten integration to StoreFeeder, first click on 'Settings'...

...and click on the green 'New Integration' button as circled below.

Select the Integration Type of 'MarketPlace'...

...and scroll down the channel list until you see 'Rakuten'. Click on the channel's logo.

You will now need to set the channel profile information. Enter a 'Profile Name' and select whether you would like to 'Grant permissions to all existing users' or not.

To add the channel, click the 'Add Integration' button.

You will now see the 'Integration Details' page for this channel. In the 'Integration Profile Section' you can edit your Profile Name, select a Company Identity and set the channel’s Active status.

Profile Name – This is your reference for the channel. You should give it a descriptive name so that you are easily able to identify your channels by their name.

Company Identity – You must set a company identity against your integration. If you need to add a Company Identity, you can do this by going to Settings > Company > Company Identities and clicking New Company Identity.

Active – This option determines whether your integration is active or not. If the selected option is ‘OFF’ then the channel is inactive and no activity (e.g. Order Import, Product Download) will take place for the channel. If Active is set to ‘ON’ then the channel is active and any processes you have selected from Channel Settings will take place for this channel.

You now need to link your Rakuten account to StoreFeeder.

 The Link Your Rakuten Account section of the page requires you to enter your Rakuten account details so that StoreFeeder is able to communicate with your Rakuten store. You will need to enter a Marketplace Identifier, Shop URL and API Key.


Marketplace Identifier – this is a two-letter country code that identifies the country of your store. At the time of writing only UK stores are supported on Rakuten, in which case the Marketplace Identifier that should be entered is ‘uk’. If you want to use a Rakuten account for a different country please contact support to discuss this.

Shop URL – This is a unique URL that identifies your store on Rakuten. You should be able to find this by logging in to your Rakuten account and checking the account name at the very top (highlighted in the image below). If you are unsure what your Shop URL is then contact your Rakuten Account Manager and they will be able to provide it.


You will now need your API Key.

API Key – This is a code that is required to verify that communication between StoreFeeder and Rakuten are authentic. If you have not been provided with an API Key then contact your Rakuten Account Manager and they will be able to provide it.

Once all this information has been entered, click the 'Test Connection' button to check the channel can connect successfully.

If the connection fails, check you have entered your API Key correctly and there are no leading or trailing spaces in your Marketplace identifier or Shop URL.


Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page complete the installation.

For information on the 'Channel Settings' found at the bottom of your Rakuten integration page, please see the Integration Channel Settings Explained knowledgebase.

A Note on Unlimited Inventory
Rakuten gives you the option to specify that a product has an unlimited inventory. As a core component of StoreFeeder is inventory management and unlimited stock is not an option on all channels, unlimited inventory for Rakuten is not supported.
If unlimited inventory has been specified on Rakuten, StoreFeeder will import the product with an inventory of 9999.

Rakuten uses a value of -1 as the stock level for products with unlimited inventory. If your StoreFeeder inventory level is less than 0, then StoreFeeder will send a stock figure of 0 to Rakuten to prevent unlimited inventory being set on Rakuten.

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