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Booking in a Delivery
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 29 Dec 2014 13:48

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When a purchase order is created and sent to supplier, for ease of updating inventory levels of products as effectively and smoothly as possible this is automatically re-created in the deliveries section which allows you to book in the correct quantity received with just a click of a button.

For more information on how to use this feature please see the below instructions:

Note:This feature is easier to use if a purchase order is created before hand. To do this please see the links below:

To start using this feature please hover over the 'Warehouse' tab and select the 'Deliveries' option.



Here you will see a list of purchase orders that have been sent to supplier.



From here you have a few options in terms of booking stock in.

Book in all Quantity

Book in Part Quantity


Book in All Quantity

To book in all quantity for one delivery, click the 'Book in all Qty' option this is found on the far right (Please see circled below).

Booking in multiple deliveries at once is also possible. To do this please select the deliveries that you would like to book in using the tick boxes found on the left hand side. When you have selected the deliveries you wish to book in please click the button labelled 'Book in all Qty' this is found above the 'Purchase Order ID' title (Please see circled below).



Book in Part Quantity

 1. Click on the purchase order ID you wish to book in. You will then see following screen:


2. Using the tick boxes (these have been circled in the above image) select the products that you would like to book in and the amount you are going to book in and simply click confirm. This will then allow you to book in the lines of the delivery that have arrived, rather than waiting for all of this to arrive and then booking in all quantity.


Other information and options

The remaining options on the delivery details screen allow you to perform automatic options when booking in lines and also provide functionality for writing off stock, splitting and reprinting.

Split by remaining items - This function allows you to remove items with a complete status from the delivery. This is particularly useful if you are booking part of the delivery in. 

View paper work  - This function allows you to view the purchase order and the goods received.

Book in drop down menu - There is also an option to allow you to write quantities of stock off, if they get damaged or do not arrive.

Add released orders onto a pickwave - This function will try to create a pickwave from the orders which are waiting for stock from the amounts you have just booked in. 




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