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Order Statuses In StoreFeeder and what they mean
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 07 Apr 2015 12:24

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Orders in StoreFeeder have an order status that denotes the point at which the order is at in the despatch process or if it requires attention from a memeber of staff. Below is a list of all Order Status in StoreFeeder and what the mean.


Order Status Meaning 
Awaiting Payment The order has been imported from channel, but payment has yet to be recived.
Complete (Ready To Pick) The order is both paid for and the items ordered are in stock. Orders with this status will appear on the picking page.
Assigned The order is currently part of a pickwave and is assigned to a picker.
Despatched The order has been marked as despatched in StoreFeeder.
Part - Return One or more line item on the order has been returned, but not all items on the order.
Returned The order in its entirety has been returned. (Manual Action)
Pending (Waiting All Stock) All line items on the order are out of stock.
Un-Finished A tempory status of a MOTO order that is currently being placed.
Cancelled By Customer The order has been cancelled by the customer (Manual Action)
Cancelled By Client The order has been cancelled by the client (Manual Action)
Pending (Waiting Part Stock) One or more line items on the order are not in stock, but at least one line item is.
On Hold The order is marked as On Hold. Note: This is a manual action and orders with this status will not be changed to other statuses by the system.
Shipped By Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon order marked as shipped by Amazon. (Only relates to FBA orders)
Partitally Shipped By Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon order marked as part shipped by Amazon. (Only relates to FBA orders)
Un-Recognised Products One or more line items in the order have product SKUs that are not in StoreFeeder and cannot be stock controlled.
Waiting For Customer Contact Marks the order as On Hold while you wait for a response from the customer.
Draft Applies to MOTO orders, the order is currently being created.
Shipped By Supplier Applies to dropship orders that have been marked as despatched by your dropshipper.
Drop Shipment The order is currently marked as a drop Ship order (Manual action)
Send To Amazon (FBA) The order has been recvied by the FBA warehouse.
Sent To Supplier A Dropship order that has been sent to the supplier, but has not yet been shipped.
Awaiting Return The order has been marked for return in the return process, but you have yet to recieve the returned items.


Please note that using the following order statuses will allocate stock to the added line items when creating a new order:

Awaiting Payment
Complete (Ready To Pick)
Part - Return
Pending (Waiting All Stock)
Pending (Waiting Part Stock)
On Hold
Un- Recognised Products
Waiting for Customer Contact
Courier Claim








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