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Setting up a Royal Mail Direct Integration
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 06 Jul 2015 13:59

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 13 Nov 2017 16:02

The direct integration with Royal Mail allows you to create labels, both integrated and thermal, for orders shipped with Royal Mail services as well as produce your end of day manifest all within StoreFeeder.

The knowledgebase will assist you with setting up the integration and processing orders.

Setting up the Courier Integration

You will first need to add a Royal Mail integration to your StoreFeeder account if you do not already have one. A Royal Mail integration comes as a default on a new StoreFeeder account, but if you need to add it as a new integration, please see this knowledgebase for more information.

Please do not be tempted to update an existing integration, this can have serious negative consequences for example leaving you unable to manifest. We will shortly be removing the ability to update an existing integration.

Once the integration is created, navigate to the 'Settings' page and click 'Edit/View Integration' next to the Royal Mail integration to see all the details relating to it.

On the Integration details page, you will first need to check the integration type is set to 'Direct'. This will confirm that the integration is going to be used to link directly with the Royal Mail.

You may also notice we have two additional options for Integration Type. The 'SF Connector' option enables the integration for use with our SF Connector Windows Application and 'None' does not process orders at all, only marking them as despatched.

You will now only see sections that are relevant to the Direct integration type. In the first section you will see the Courier API settings, detailing all the information we need to setup the integration. We require the following:

  • OBA User ID
  • OBA Password
  • Account Number
  • Posting Location Number
  • OBA Access Code

The items highlighted in the list above is information you will need to provide in order for us to get the other details required for the integration from the Royal Mail. Your Account Number is a 8-9 digit number and can be found in your OBA (Online Business Account) or on documentation relating to your account from the Royal Mail. The Posting Location Number is a 9-10 digit number assigned to your account and is also available through OBA.

In the 'Show Special Instructions field', type 'true' if you wish for your special delivery instructions to be printed on the label. Type 'false' if you do not. If left blank, 'false' will be assumed by default.

If you have more than one Royal Mail account, these will need to be entered as separate integrations.

Once you have entered the information required from you click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. You will now need to send a ticket into support or contact your account manager to inform them you wish to set up a direct integration with Royal Mail. They will check you have provided your account number and posting location number and progress the setup to the next stage.

Once this information is sent to the Royal Mail, we will receive the remaining information from the list above as well as any tracking ranges and contract numbers assigned to your account.

Please be aware that this process can take 2-3 working days, however in certain circumstances can take up to 10 working day. If there are any problems with setting you up we will contact you.

To complete the final part of the initial setup you will just need to choose if you require 'Auto Assign Packaging Sizes' on or off. This option, if turned on, will try to automatically assign a packaging size based on the service selected and weight of the order at the point of despatched. It is designed to be used to enable you to get up and running with Royal Mail as quickly as possible, however needless to say this approach has many disadvantages and we would recommend setting up your products as defined in the Setting up you Products section below.

Choosing your Label Export

As many of you will be aware Royal Mail have updated their label design, opting for a 2D barcode instead of a PPI.  Some of you may already be using these updated labels with StoreFeeder. If you're not, then you will more than likely need to be aware of the following.

Due to the label changes we have decided to withdraw HTML support for Royal Mail integrated labels, unfortunately the labels are too precise to be replicated correctly in HTML and with all the new elements and fonts, this would slow down label production even further.

To combat this we are offering a new process of generating labels, if you are looking for a standalone (Thermal) label, then please inform your account manager of this and they will set this up for you.

If you currently use integrated labels, Royal Mail do now offer a 6x4 label format. However, if you do have an existing stock of integrated label paper for the current smaller size format, StoreFeeder does have special dispensation to produce a smaller 3.5"x3" label. This label which should fit onto the majority of existing integrated paper sizes.

Please always check the labels fit onto your integrated paper before going live, you may be required to buy new paper, depending on your current set up but always check.

Unfortunately due to not supporting the labels in HTML, we will need to set up a new invoice for you. These invoices come with 5 predefined templates, which in the majority of cases match your existing design with the added benefit of being much, much faster.  If you do require additional details added, the process may take a little while for the invoice to be set up.

Once the invoice design / label option has been specified, you are ready to move onto the next section of setting up your shipping methods.

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