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How to Integrate with Amazon
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 09 Apr 2013 13:14

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Our Amazon integration enables you to:

  • Create product listings
  • Download your Amazon orders
  • Pick, pack and dispatch orders
  • Send tracking information to Amazon
  • Update and synchronise inventory
  • Create Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) listings and import records of FBA orders

Integrating StoreFeeder with your Amazon marketplace is a simple process. Either watch this instructional video or follow the instructions below.


First, sign into StoreFeeder using your login details. You will then be brought to the 'Dashboard' and will see a yellow bar at the top of the page indicating that you have sales channels that have not been tested. To begin the integration, click on the link in the yellow bar.

You will now see the 'Integration Manager' page and a list of all your channels. To integrate your Amazon channel, click on 'Edit/View Integration' as shown below.

StoreFeeder has pre-set the majority of these settings on this page. This is because the integration will default to the 'TEST' mode within StoreFeeder when it is created, allowing for the connection to be easily checked. Leave these settings as they are until you are ready to go live. To create the link between StoreFeeder and your Amazon account, click on the 'Sign up for Amazon MWS' ( link circled below.

You will be taken to an Amazon web page with an explanation of what Amazon Market Place Web Service (Amazon MWS) and how it works. To continue with your integration, click on the 'Sign up for MWS' button circled below.

You will then be prompted to sign into your Amazon account. Once you have entered your E-Mail address and Password, click the 'Sign In' button.

If you see 'Invalid Seller Account Type' after attempting to sign up for Amazon MWS, then you will not be able to integrate that Amazon account with StoreFeeder. A full list of Amazon MWS compatible Amazon account types can be found here.


Now you will need to grant StoreFeeder access to your seller account. To do this, select 'I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS'.

Enter this information in the corresponding fields:

Application Name: StoreFeeder

Application's Developer Account Number for 5314-6059-1309

Application's Developer Account Number for 8273-3633-3402

Application's Developer Account Number for all European Amazon integrations (France, Spain, Italy etc.) is: 5314-6059-1309


Once you have entered the information, click the 'Next' button circled below.

You will now see the terms and conditions for Amazon MWS. Once you have read it and are happy with them, check both tick boxes and click the 'Next' button circled below.

StoreFeeder is now able to access your Amazon Seller account. However, to complete the integration you will need to copy the Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token into StoreFeeder 'Integrations Manager' page which should still be open in a tab on your browser.

Paste the Seller ID into the 'Your MerchantID' field and the MWS Authorisation Token into the 'MWS Auth Token' field then click the 'Save' button.

Please note that your Merchant ID and MWS Authorisation token is the SAME for every European Amazon integration you have.


StoreFeeder is now fully integrated with your Amazon Seller Account.

 For information on the 'Channel Settings' found at the bottom of your Amazon Marketplace integration page, please see the Integration Channel Settings Explained knowledgebase.

Amazon Specific Settings

There are a number of settings that are unique to Amazon integrations. Depending on how your business uses Amazon, you may need to alter some of these settings to ensure that StoreFeeder processes your listings and orders correctly. The details of each option and what it affects are listed below:

Import Unpaid Orders

By default, StoreFeeder will only import orders from Amazon for which payment has been received. However, if you allow delayed payments on Amazon then you may wish to import orders that are still awaiting payment so that you can allocate stock et cetera. If this is the case, you will want to set the Import Unpaid Orders setting to On. This will tell StoreFeeder to also import orders which have been placed but not paid for yet.

Download Parent Products

By default, StoreFeeder will download variation products from Amazon in parent/child format. If you would instead like to download all variants as independent simple products, then you can set Download Parent Products to Off.

Fulfillment by Amazon

If your business uses Fulfillment by Amazon, you will need to set up StoreFeeder accordingly. For more information on this, see this KnowledgeBase.

Upload Images to Amazon

By default, StoreFeeder will upload product images with Amazon listings. If you don't want this, set Upload Images to Amazon to Off here.

Automatically Retry Match & List Upload

In certain circumstances, it is possible that Amazon listings uploads will fail - for example, due to a change in Amazon that affects how listing information is processed. If Automatically Retry Match & List Upload is set to On, StoreFeeder will re-submit any 3rd party Amazon listings that fail this way, but with only basic information supplied in order to reduce the chances of a conflict. Be advised that if this happens, you may lose some information on your listing, but the basic information that does get sent to Amazon will be processed correctly. It is your choice whether to use this feature.


If you would like to use StoreFeeder's Amazon Repricer, please see this KnowledgeBase.

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