How to use the Shipping Rule Tester
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For information on how Shipping Methods work in StoreFeeder, please see the Key Concepts When Creating Shipping Rules knowledgebase.

For help on creating Shipping Rules in StoreFeeder, please see the How to Set Up a Shipping Rule in StoreFeeder knowledgebase.

The Shipping Rules Tester page gives you the opportunity to test your Shipping Rules to see how they perform under different circumstances. The page aims to make it more transparent how the Shipping Rules are used to against your Orders.

The Tester allows you to see ALL valid Shipping Rules for an Order and which one of those valid Shipping Rules would ‘win’ and be applied to the Order. Optionally you can also see a full comparison of that Order against ALL of your Shipping Rules, with a breakdown of how each criteria compared to the Order.

To test shipping rules in StoreFeeder, first click 'Settings' in the top right hand corner of the page.

You will then see the 'Integration Manager' page. Click 'Shipping Configuration' in the menu on the left of this page and then select 'Shipping Rules Tester'.

The Shipping Rules Tester provides two different methods for testing your Shipping Rules. You can either do this by entering an Order Number or by entering dummy Order Data. However, before you can check your orders against your shipping rules, you will need to check the 'Shipping Rule Tester Settings'.

The Shipping Rules Tester provides some settings you can use to modify how the testing works. Click the ‘Settings’ button to open the Settings panel.

Please note when changing the settings you will need to click ‘Update Settings’ to confirm the changes. If you click ‘Cancel’ or close the window the settings will revert to their original values. When you update the settings they will be persisted so the next time you visit the page they will remain the same.

 The settings for the Shipping Rule Tester are as follows:

  • Show results for non-matching Rules
    • Tick the box if you would also like to see a full comparison against all of your rules.
    • Please note if you have a large number of rules this method may be slower.
  • Rules to Check
    • o Enabled Rules Only
      • This will only test against your Enabled Shipping Rules
      • This provides the most accurate picture of how your Shipping Rules are currently functioning.
    • o Disabled Rules Only
      • This will test again only your Disabled Shipping Rules
      • This can be useful if you are setting Shipping Rules up for the first time and haven’t Enabled them yet.
    • Enabled and Disabled Shipping Rules
      • This will test against all of your Shipping Rules, regardless of whether they are enabled or disabled.
      • This can be particularly useful if you’re adding new Shipping Rules and want to check how they’ll work with your existing rules before you enable the new rules.


Testing Rules By Order Number

By default the page will load in ‘By Order Number’ mode. To use the page in this mode simply enter a StoreFeeder Order Number and click ‘Check Rules’. Providing the Order exists you will then see the results for that Order.

You can also re-apply rules to a single order in this mode by entering an Order Number and clicking the ‘Re-apply Rules to Order’ button.

 Testing Rules By Order Data

To test your Shipping Rules using ‘dummy’ order data click the ‘Or click here to enter order data’ link and fill in the fields you require. They relate to the information on the order you would like to test, so you can set criteria for orders you may expect to receive and test how your current shipping rules would be applied to them.

Once you have entered the information for you dummy order, click the 'Check Rules' button.

Please note, if you choose USA or Canada you’ll also need to enter a state/province. If you choose UK you’ll need to choose a County and Postcode area. The ‘dummy’ order data is basically you saying what would happen if I had an order like this.



Matching Rules – Results

These results will always be displayed.

This shows a table listing all the Rules that could apply to the Order, ranked by Specificity and Priority. The top ‘winning’ rule (highlighted in green and starred) indicates the Rule that would actually apply to the order.

If no rules applied to the Order then the table will indicate that the Default Shipping Method would be applied.

All Rules – Results

These results will only be shown if you have the ‘Show results for non-matching Rules’ setting turned on.

This will display a table showing all of your Shipping Rules giving a summary overview of which rules matched and which rules did not.

If you click on a row in the table it will expand to show how the Order compared to every criteria in the Order. A tick indicates a match and a cross indicates a non-match.

Viewing the details of the non-matching rules can be useful for understanding why, and where, a rule did not apply to an order.

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