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Understanding Product Archiving


There may be multiple reasons why you may wish to hide certain products from your inventory, purchase orders, and listings, such as a current lack of availability, to clear away promotional or seasonal products that are only required at certain times of the year, or simply to tidy your interface.

This process is referred to as archiving, and be be performed in multiple ways.

Note that once a product is archived, you will no longer be able to add that product to orders, purchase orders, or listings until its archived status is reversed. The archived product will still be visible on purchase orders and listings it was added to before it was archived.

The archiving process can be reversed at any time by choosing to 'unarchive' a product.


Archiving products individually

To archive an individual product, navigate to ('Products'>'Manage Products'). From here, you can filter as usual to find the product you wish to archive. When you hover the mouse over the product, three options will appear: 'Edit', 'Delete', and 'Archive'.

Select 'Archive' and a popup will appear asking you to confirm. Click 'Okay' and the product will be archived.

Additionally, you can choose to archive or unarchive a product at any time by clicking a product to go to the 'Product Information' page, and then by clicking the 'Archive Product' button as shown:


If a product is already archived, this button will be changed to 'Unarchive Product' instead.


Archiving products in bulk

On the same 'Product Manager' page, you can select multiple products by checking the boxes to the left of each product row. When you click the drop down box above the column titles, you will be able to select from five options: 'Archive', 'Clone', 'Delete, 'Export', and 'Unarchive'.

Select 'Archive'.


The products will then be removed from your inventory.


Filtering for archived products

On your 'Manage Products' page, you can filter for all of the products that you have marked as archived. The 'archived' column is usually the rightmost column on the page, depending on which columns you have selected to be visible. If you cannot see the column, you can use the filter tools icon to ensure 'Archived' is selected, as shown:

Click the checkbox on the 'Archived' column, and you will be presented with the options 'No,' 'Yes', and 'All'.

No: Archived products will not be displayed

Yes: Archived products will be displayed

All: All products will be displayed

You can reverse the archiving processes at any time.


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