Setting up Courier Labels
Posted by Adam Roberts on 10 Feb 2017 12:03

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To set your courier labels, you will need to edit an existing 'Shipping Method' or create a new one.

If you have not yet set up a new 'Shipping Method' for your courier integrations, you will need to do this before you set up your labels. See our Creating A Shipping Method Knowledgebase.


To set up your labels, first navigate to ('Settings'>'Shipping Configuration'>'Shipping Methods') to bring up your list of Existing Shipping Methods.



Next, find the Shipping Method you would like to set up the labels for from the list, and click 'Edit/View Shipping Method' to bring up the Edit Shipping Method Page.

Royal Mail integration labels have additional settings, so we will cover both here.


Non-Royal Mail Courier Integrations

In the Shipping Format drop down box, this will be set to Courier API as default for all non Royal Mail courier integrations.

In the Shipping Format Label Type drop down box, you will be given the option of 'None' if you wish to use your own labels, or 'Courier Default'.



 Royal Mail Courier Integrations


In the Shipping Format drop down box, you are given the following three options:

Integrated Label: Label is printed as part of the invoice

Label: Label printed separately to the invoice

File Export: Choosing this option will group all of your orders with this Shipping Method together, so when you view your Manifests, you can download all of your orders as a CSV file ready to upload to your courier via your label generation software.


In the label Type drop down box, you are given the following options:

Standard, None (Integrated Label Only), Order Number label, and Royal Mail 6x4.



Note that Royal Mail is ceasing the use of their 4x3 labels. If your existing Shipping Methods had this option, you will still be able to use it until the label type is officially discontinued. it will no longer be an option when creating new Shipping Methods. if you still wish to use this label option, but it does not appear available to you, contact our support team.


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