Transferring your Stock Locations (Multi Stock Locations)
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 Please note that Multi-Stock Locations is a paid feature for Enterprise level customers. If you would like this feature adding into your StoreFeeder account, please speak to our sales or support teams.

Sometimes it will be necessary to transfer your stock from one location to another. This guide will show you how to do this in StoreFeeder.


Transferring Stock Locations Manually

To transfer a single product between stock locations,navigate to ('Products'>'Product Manager') and select the product you wish to adjust.

In the 'Product Overview' page, click the 'Adjustments/Transfers' tab, and you will be presented with a list of options. First of all, in the 'Adjustment Type' drop down box, select 'Stock Location Transfer'.

Note that a product must have more than 1 stock location assigned to it in order for you to select this option. otherwise, it will be greyed out. To add a new stock location to a product, you will need to select 'Additional Information' and then in the 'Current Stock Locations' box, select a new stock location from the 'Stock Location' drop down box, and then click the green '+ Add to Stock Location' button.

If you wish to perform an 'Immediate Transfer', use the 'Stock Location To:' and 'Assigned To' drop-down boxes to select the current and future stock locations.

Check the 'Immediate Transfer' box (as circled below) if you wish for the transer to take place instantly. If you do not wish for this transfer to take place instantly, you can create a 'Pending Transfer'. This will add the transfer to the 'Pending Transfers' list (see below).

Note that you will not be able to check this box when transferring stock from an 'unspecified location'.

If the 'Immediate Transfer' box is not checked, your transfer will instead be marked as 'Pending.' To view your pending Transfers, click the tab below, as shown:

Your Pending Transfers can be printed out in a Transfer List. This paopwerwork is useful for warehouse staff as it will itemise your products by their SKUs and locations, and display the quantity of products that need to be transferred from one location to another. On your 'Pending Transfers' tab, select 'Create Transfer List' from the dropdown box, and click the 'Confirm' button as shown:

A window will open with the following options:

Click the 'Create Transfers List' button when ready, and a Pick Sheet will be produced as shown:

The picker assigned to the Transfer, or system administrator can mark the transfer as complete. They do this on the 'Pending Transfers' tab by checking the box for the particular transfer as shown below, and then clicking the 'Confirm' button:

The Transfer will then be marked as complete, and will be moved from the 'Pending Transfers' tab to the 'Completed Transfers' tab as shown:


Stock Location Transfers Via File Import

Sometimes it will be necessary to transfer mutliple products at once via a spreadsheet file import. To do this, you will need to export a template if you have not already. In the 'Stock Location Overview' page, select 'Export Transfer Template' from the drop down box as shown, and click the 'confirm' button:


From the window that appears, select the stock location you would like to export a template for, and click the 'Create Export' button.




A CSV spreadsheet will be downloaded. Save this to your computer/device and edit the fields with the appropriate information.


To import the spreadsheet back into StoreFeeder to update your stock transfers, navigate to ('Warehouse'>'Stock Locations'>'Stock Location Transfers')


On the 'Transfers Import' tab, click 'Select File...', and then choose your completed transfers spreadsheet:


Once imported, you will need to map the spreadsheet fields to the fields in StoreFeeder. Click the 'Confirm Import button', and these transfers will be added to your 'Pending Transfers' list, ready for pick sheets to be produced and marked as completed as explained above.


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