Priority/Attention Required Orders in StoreFeeder
Posted by Adam Roberts on 22 Feb 2017 10:32

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What are Priority and Attention Required Orders?

Priority Orders are a new feature to display, process and filter your orders that require immediate attention. Amazon Priority Orders are an example of a service that requires next day delivery, and there are now a variety of changes to StoreFeeder to accomodate this type of order.

Attention Required is a status you can add to your orders to mark them as high importance.


Priority Orders and Attention Required orders on your Dashboard

Your dashboard will now include a box to display both Priority Orders and Attention Required orders:


Priority Orders and Attention Required orders in your 'Manage Orders' Page

When you navigate to ('Orders'>'Manage Orders'), you will be able to see a new filter column, 'Order Flags'where you can filter products by 'Priority' and 'Attention Required'. A red 'A' stamp represents orders that require attention, and a green 'P' represents Priority Orders, as shown:


Marking an order as Attention Required

To mark an order, navigate to ('Orders'>'Manage Orders') and click the 'Order ID' of the order you would like to mark as 'Attention Required'. In the order details page that opens, you can check the box, and add additional information if required, as shown:


Priority Orders in Pickwaves

You can filter your 'Outstanding Orders' in your ('Warehouse'>'Picking') page. From the drop down box as shown below, you will be presented with the following options:

All: Display all orders irrespective of Priority

Yes: Display Priority Orders only

No: Do not display Priority Orders


Priority Orders in Shipping Rules

When creating or editing a Shipping Rule, a drop down box has been added to include Priority Orders as a criteria. From the drop down box shown below, you are given the following choices:

Any Priority: The rule will apply to orders of Any priority

No: The rule will not apply to Priority Orders

Yes: The rule will only apply to Priority Orders

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