Product Special Attributes
Posted by Adam Roberts on 07 Mar 2017 10:42

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 31 Mar 2017 10:39

Sometimes it will be necessary to add additional information for your products that need to be displayed on your invoices for your customers, and so we have added the 'Product Special Attribute' field.


Adding a Product Special Attribute

First, navigate to ('Products'>'Manage Products') and choose the product you wish to view. On the Product Information page, click the 'Additional Information' tab. 

In the additional information page, there is now a field where you can type in your Product Special Attribute:



Note that if you apply a Product Special Attribute to a parent or variant product, there will be a checkbox to also apply the attribute to the associated child products.


Filtering by Product Special Attribute

To filter your products by Product Special Attribute, navigate to ('Products'>'Manage Products'). In the filter column icon, 'Product Special Attribute' is now a filterable field:


Product Special Attributes on Invoices

When you create your order invoices, the 'Product Special Attribute' you added will now be visible on your invoices. To view your invoice, navigate to ('Orders'>'Manage Orders') and find the order you would like to view the invoice for. Hover your mouse over the order and click 'View' to bring up the invoice. The Product Special Attribut you entered will be shown with each product, as shown:

Note that for itext invoices, you will need to contact our support team for the token to be added so that the Product Special Attribute can be made visible.

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