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Posted by Adam Roberts on 08 Mar 2017 13:52

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If you have not yet added any suppliers in StoreFeeder, see this Knowledgebase for additional information.


To edit your supplier settings, navigate to ('Products'>'Suppliers') and choose the supplier you would like to edit from your list, and click 'Edit/View Supplier':

You will be taken to the 'View Supplier' page where you will need to add the details of your supplier:

Important settings to note are:

Purchase Shipping Order Cost Type: You can use this drop down menu to select which variable you would like your Purchase Orders to be displayed by, and you are given several options such as by order, by weight, or to scale by item if required.

Save Cost Price To product: If this switch is set to 'On', the price you set for a product on a purchase order will automatically overwrite the cost of the product itself. This is especially useful if your supplier informs you of a price change, and you wish this to be reflected in your product prices. This option is set to 'Off' by default.

There are more options once you scroll down the page regarding your Purchase Order exports.

Export Templates Options

Template Type: Offers multiple options for Purchase Orders and Drop Shipments.

Export Method: Choose from CSV spreadsheet or PDF document formats

Transfer method: Choose Manual (supplier default) or email formats.

Token: Use this drop down box to choose the fields you would like to included in your template. Note that you can add as many fields here as you like. Click the 'Add New' button to add the token to your invoice.


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