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How to Manifest your Pickwaves
Posted by Adam Roberts on 31 Mar 2017 15:19

Last Modified by Kane Landa on 01 Nov 2017 10:57

Once your orders have been recieved, processed, and sorted into pickwaves, the last step is to manifest them. Manifesting is when your orders are collated into a single group ready for delivery by your chosen courier. it is also the name given to the associated paperwork. This guide explains the changes to the manifesting process, and the options you have available within Storefeeder:

Firstly, navigate to ('Warehouse'>'Manifests'), where you will be presented with two pages:


Outstanding Courier Manifests

You will be directed to this page by default. It will display all pickwaves which have not been manifested. To select the outstanding orders you wish to manifest, there are three filtering options:

Date Range: Choose a range from the list, or alternatively click 'Date Range' at the bottom of the list to bring up a calendar where you can click and select the first and last days of your desired range.

Warehouse: Choose the particular warehouse from the dropdown list of where your pickwave was processed.

Pickwaves: Check the boxes against the pickwaves you would like to manifest, or choose 'All Items Checked' to process all at once.


Below, your 'Outstanding Orders' will be displayed. In our example, there is 1 outstanding order. From here you can click 'Manifest All' to produce your paperwork and move the manifest to the 'Completed Courier Manifests' page which is explained in more detail further in this guide.

Alternatively, you can click 'View details' to bring up the 'View Manifest Details' page, which contains a more detailed rundown of the orders ready for manifesting:

To manifest orders individually, Check the boxes next to the orders you wish to manifest and then either click 'Manifest Selected', or 'Mark Selected as Manifested' if you do not need to generate any paperwork.


Completed Courier Manifests

From here, your completed manifests will be visible. You are able to filter the manifests by Courier and Courier Type, or you can type the Manifest Number to search for a particular manifest.

There are two options here for each manifest:

Reprint Manifest: This button allows you to reprint the paperwork without re-sending the manifest to the courier.

Re-Send Manifest: Click this button if you wish to re-send the manifest data to the your courier.

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