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StoreFeeder Updates: June 2017
Posted by Adam Roberts on 16 Jun 2017 14:02

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 04 Jul 2017 10:56

New Features

1: Consolidated Picking

This time-saving feature allows your orders to be split across totes ready for quicker and more efficient picking and packing. With this feature, you can choose to consolidate your picking by pickwave or individual orders.

With this feature, you will be able to get a list of products you need, rather than a list of orders. When active, this feature will also product newly designed picking and packing notes.

Knowledgebase: Consolidated Picking in StoreFeeder

2: Purchase Order Requisitions

We have added a new ‘Requisitions’ tab to the ‘Purchase Orders’ page. Where previously, you would have to access the page for each of your suppliers to raise a Purchase Order, the Requisitions feature will allow you to do it all from a single page, all calculated from your current levels of stock.

The page can be split by supplier or warehouse, and will suggest which products you need, recommends the required quantities for each of those products.

If you receive an order which would put one or more of your products out of stock, a requisition would be raised to order more of that product. Each purchase order raised by this feature is a fully adjustable draft, and will require your verification before it will be sent off to your suppliers. At StoreFeeder, we will never automatically send a purchase order without your permission.



1. Confirmed by Supplier button on Purchase Order Page

A new button has been added to allow you to mark your purchase orders in ‘Awaiting Confirmation’ status as ‘Confirmed by Supplier’.

Please note that this button will not be available if the purchase order in is any status other than ‘Awaiting Confirmation’.

2. Shopify Variant Products

We have improved the way variant product listings are displayed in Shopify. Listings will now be uploaded in order according to their ‘variant attributes’ that you set. This way, your customers will be able to view your listings in exactly the order you would like them to be seen.

You can view these values in (‘Products‘>’Product Attribute Manager‘)

3. New Supplier Postcode Validation

As a security measure and to prevent errors, Postcode validation is now used when adding a new supplier.


More columns for data filtering

1. Picker Productivity Report

Added the following columns: ‘Despatch Time’, ‘Total items’, ‘Time taken’, ‘Average time per order’, and ‘Average time per item’.

2. Picking Sheet

Added optional ‘Brand’ column.

3. Returns Report

Added two new optional columns, ‘Returned to inventory’ and ‘Returned by’.

4. Manage Orders Page

Added ‘Shipping company’ optional column.

5: API Improvements

You can now create multiple warehouse zones through the rest API.

6: Dashboard Improvements

Dashboard graphs now have a drop-down box allowing you to view your sales by revenue or units sold.

7: UK Mail Consignment Types

Along with Domestic, we now support ‘International’ and ‘UK Mail Packet Service’ consignment types.

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