Advanced Variant Settings for Amazon Listings
Posted by Adam Roberts on 27 Jun 2017 11:40

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Amazon supports a great deal of optional product variant data for products that are listed in their marketplace. If you wish to add additional product variant data, first navigate to ('Listings'>'Manage Listings'), and filter for or directly select the Amazon listing you would like to edit:

Hover over the listing, and click the 'Edit' link as it appears:

From the left hand menu, select the 'Variant' tab. Here you will be able to display the variants that you have for that product. In our example, there are two variants. To add the advanced variant settings, click the cog icon to the right hand side of the variant you wish to edit:

That one is for bulk update - sort

A pop up box will appear with a variety of tabs and additional settings:

Please note that there are no required fields in Variant - Advanced Settings.


'Inventory' tab:

For full information on how to operate these inventory settings, see this Knowledgebase: Invemtory Modifiers

Link to KB: Inventory modifers

Max Inventory: A value for the maximum amount of that product you can store in your inventory.

Oversell: The quantity of products you can sell over

Out of Stock Threshold: A value you can set that Amazon will consider your product out of stock, this will default as '0' if left blank. 


'Repricer' tab:

Repricer enabled: For more information, see this knowledgebase: Amazon Repricer

Repricing Step: Enter the price increment the repricer will raise or lower your listing price.

Minimum Price: The minimum price the repricer tool will set for your listing.

Maximum Price: The maximum price the repricer tool will set for your listing.


 'Sale Data' tab:

Sale Start date: The Date the sale begins

Sale Stop date: The date the sale should end

Sale Price: Set the product price for the duration of the sale

'Advanced Variation Data' tab:

Colour Map: Select colour map from the drop down list (if you do not already have colour stored as an attribute)

Size Map: Select size map from the drop down list (if you do not already have size stored as a product attribute)

Shipping Group Name: Select from the list your in-store shipping method as stored in Amazon.

For more information, see this knowledgebase: Using Amazon Shipping Groups within StoreFeeder

Amazon Product Tax Code: Select the product tax category which applies.

Fulfilled by Amazon: Turn this switch on if you wish the product to be marked as Fulfilled by Amazon.

Manufacturer Part Number: Add a value if this product has a particular part number.

Attributes Tab:

This tab will vary depending on the category of your product, and will display a variety of fields you can use to add additional variant information to your Amazon listings.

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