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How to Integrate with Magento V2.X
Posted by Adam Roberts on 10 Aug 2017 11:12

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  1. Please note that we do not currently support Magento V2.x stores with multiple websites configured.
  2. We do not currently support the sending of special prices or dates to Magento products - if you do, the product price may be affected and appear as £0.00 in Magento.
  3. Ensure that you have set the correct Tax Calculation Setting in your Magento webstore before integrating with StoreFeeder. You can find this in (Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax).

Recommended tax settings:

  • Tax Calculation Method Based On -> Unit Price 
  • Tax Calculation Based On -> Shipping Address
  • Catalog Prices -> Including Tax
  • Shipping Prices -> Including Tax
  • Apply Customer Tax -> Before Discount
  • Apply Discount On Prices -> Including Tax
  • Apply Tax On -> Customer price if available


How to setup your Magento Channel Integration

StoreFeeder's Magento V2 Integration lets you;

  • Create product listings
  • Download your Magento orders
  • Pick, pack and dispatch orders
  • Send tracking information to Magento
  • Update and synchronise inventory
  • Update stocks to all other channels

To create the integration within StoreFeeder, first navigate to 'Settings', and on the 'Integrations Manager' page, click the 'New Integration' button.

Select your 'Integration Type', in this case it is a 'Webstore' as shown:

Select 'Magento':


In the next window, enter a 'Profile Name', and select if you would like to 'Grant permissions to all existing users'. If you do not select this option, only admins users will be able to edit and update the integration.

You can change and view your user permissions in ('Settings'>'Company'>'Users')

To create the profile, click the 'Add Integration' button:

You will be directed to the 'Integration Details' page. In the 'Integration Profile' section, select your Main store and Company identity from the dropdown menus. There is also the option to switch the integration to Active. Leave this switched 'Off' until the integration is fully linked to your Magento account.  

In the 'Link your Magento Account' section, from the dropdown bow circled below. Select '2.0 and above' as your Magento version. 

Fields will appear detailing your 'Callback URL' and 'Identity Link URL'. You will need to copy these into your Magento admin panel, as detailed below.

Ensure your Magento website address is correct, this is the URL your customers will use to find your webstore.

In order to grant StoreFeeder permission to integrate with your Magento store, you will need to create a new integration for StoreFeeder from within your Magento admin panel.

In a separate tab or browser window, log into your Magento admin panel. Click the 'System' icon, then click 'Integrations':

Click 'Add new Integration'


You will be directed to the 'Integration info' tab of the 'New Integration' page.

In the fields, add in the new user details for the API user. Copy the 'Callback URL' and 'Identity link URL' provided in StoreFeeder into the appropriate fields. When complete, click the 'Save' button.

On the dropdown arrow on the Save button is the option to 'Save and activate'. You must set user API permissions before activating the integration, or StoreFeeder will not be granted permission to download and update your orders and listings.

Next, Click the 'API' tab. here you will need to set the permissions (resource access) that StoreFeeder will be granted.

We recommend you select 'All' for the resource access. You can choose specific permissions by checking the boxes, but without granting StoreFeeder full access, some parts of your integration may not work properly.


Click 'Save' when you are ready. 

Your integration will now be visible. Click 'Activate' to continue:

Confirm the activation of the integration on the next page by clicking the 'Allow' button:


If you have a popup blocker enabled, you will need to allow popups from StoreFeeder to continue with the integration. This can be done in the top right hand corner of your web browser.


Magento will then ask you to sign back into StoreFeeder to complete the integration in a separate window. Click 'Connect' to Continue:

Once you click connect, the popup window will disappear. Your Integration will be set to 'active' in your Magento admin panel. 

You can now re-enter StoreFeeder to complete the integration. The 'Active' Toggle will be automatically set to 'On' when active.

You can also use the 'Test Connection' button to check whether the integration was connected successfully:

Scroll down the page to view Channel Specific settings. Take a moment to consider which settings you would like to activate. You can hover your mouse pointer over each one for an explanation of its function:

Be sure to click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save your setting changes. 

To complete the process, and to allow your listings to be processed, you will need to set up a 'Main Store ID', and a 'Store View ID'. These values can be found on the 'Advanced Channel Settings' tab:

You can also begin to map your 'Variant Attributes' for your products:


Click the 'Save' button at any time to complete your Magento V2.x integration.

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