Processing Return Order Items
Posted by Adam Roberts on 11 Sep 2017 15:23

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When a customer requests a return for one of your products, You can now process your returns directly through StoreFeeder. To do so, Navigate to ('Warehouse'>'Return Order Items').

You will be presented with a list of all of your orders in 'Despatched', 'Part Return', or 'Awaiting Return' status.


Order filtering

To quickly find the order you would like to process a return for, you can use one of the following filters:

Despatch Date: Filters orders by despatch date. This is set to the last 7 days by default. If you click the field, you can select a quick option. if you click 'Date Range', a calendar will expand as shown allowing you to select a start and end time for your selection.

Channel Order Reference: Type the in channel reference number to select a specific order. Separate multiple reference numbers with a comma.

SKUs: Type one or more product SKUs to search for orders containing that product. Separate multiple SKUs with a comma.

Channel: Use the drop down box to select a specific channel.

Customer Name: Type the name of the customer to return any valid orders for that customer.

Order Status: Use the drop down box to filter by specific order statuses, Despatched, Part Return, and/or Awaiting Return.

Order Number: Type the specific order ID. Separate multiple order numbers with a comma.

EAN: Type the specific product EAN. Separate multiple EANs with a comma.

Postcode: Type the specific Postcode. Separate multiple postcodes with a comma.

Warehouse: Use the drop down menu to select specific warehouses.

Customer Email: Type the specific email address. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

Single Line Orders/ Multiple Line Orders: Use the drop down box to choose between single and multiple line orders.

Once you have selected your filters, click the filter button to view your filtered orders:


Processing your return order items

Your orders will be displayed below. To return all the products on an order, Check the box beside the order(s) you wish to return, then click the 'Return Selected Orders' button.

A message will advise the order has been returned successfully. Your inventory levels will be adjusted accordingly, and the order status will be changed to Returned.


Additionally, you can return specific products on the order line. To do so, click the drop down arrow beside the order you would like to process the return for:

The order line will expand to show the products contained in the order. Click the check box beside the product you wish to process, and then choose from one of the following actions:

Return Selected Items: Returns each checked item.

Partial Refund Only: Input the value you will refund in the 'Amount to refund' field, and then click this button to mark the item as partially refunded.

Free replacement Only: Use this button if you are sending a free replacement of the selected item.


 Once returned, your product inventory will be adjusted accordingly.


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