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The StoreFeeder Dashboard
Posted by Jack Liptrott on 24 May 2013 14:59

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 30 Jan 2017 14:26

With the StoreFeeder dashboard you can instantly see an up to date overview of your business performance and quickly see areas which may need attention.

This animated graph gives you an up to date visual representation of your sales over a given time frame or individual channel. It can also be viewed as an area graph.

Further down the page, the 'Orders' tab gives you an overview of current order information, including 'Orders Today', orders 'Ready To Pick' and 'Orders Dispatched Today'

A red box, such as the 'Unrecognised Products' shown below, alerts you to any aspects of StoreFeeder which require your attention.


The 'Products' tabs show you basic information about your products, including 'Total Products', 'Out Of Stock Products', 'Products On Purchase Order' and 'Products On Back Order'.

The 'Listings' tab illustrates details of your listings. It shows you your 'Total Listings', 'Total Mapped Listings' and 'Total Active Listings'. It also alerts you to any listing information that needs your attention.

The 'Warehouses' tab shows you your current 'Number of Warehouses' and the number of 'Empty Stock Locations' across them.

The 'Other' tab shows you information such as your 'Total Active Channels', 'Total Customers', 'Number Of Warehouses' and 'Number Of Suppliers'. 

Finally, the boxes at the bottom of the dashboard page display your 'Top Selling Products', which can be sorted by time frame, and an 'Overview Of Sales By Channel' displaying your sales from each of your channels over different periods of time.

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