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How do I Refund / Return / Exchange an order?
Posted by Jared Meakin on 19 Jun 2013 09:20

Last Modified by Adam Roberts on 26 Jan 2017 15:45

Q: How do I return/refund/exchange an order?

A1: To return part or whole of an order you first need to find the 'Edit Order' page for the specific order you wish to return. This can be found under 'Orders > Manage Orders'. From this page, select the order.

The order must be marked "despatched" for you to be able to return it. Returns can also be easily undone using the link that appears at the left of an item after you have returned it.

From the 'Edit Order' page, scroll down to the 'Items Ordered' section and hover over the item you wish to return, revealing a link to return the item in the left most column of the table.

By clicking the Return link, the item will be marked 'Returned' and a return ID shown.

To return the stock into inventory simply ensure the 'Return stock to inventory' is ticked first.

To return multiple items at once, check the tick boxes on the left hand side of all the items you wish to return. Then use the link at the top of the table to return all items.


A2. To exchange an order find the order and edit.

Click the 'Exchange' link.

To add returned stock into inventory simply ensure the 'Return stock to inventory' is ticked first.

Clicking the "exchange" link will now allow you to exchange the item(s), it will open a new order for the exchange item which can then be processed in the usual manner. If you have ticked the 'Return Item to Stock' the returned item will be added back to stock before the new exchange order is processed.

You will note that on the new order there is the option to 'Swap' the item for another, simply select the item you wish to swap it for, and save.  If you wish to replace the item for an exact match replacement you do not need to hit the swap button.

Your new exchange order can now be processed in the usual manner.


A3. To refund an order you'll need to access your payment gateway and refund the funds directly to the client.  Then simply mark the item as refunded in StoreFeeder. If you wish to return the item to stock simply follow the returns process as above.




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